Are So Natural products organic?
No. While facial essential oil, rock salts, and other ingredients are 100% organic, most of our products contain minimal additives for preservation and effectiveness.
Where are So Natural products made?
All of our recipes are formulated in our designated lab and produced from 20 or more specialized manufacturers in South Korea.
Can I see the ingredients of the products?
Yes. All of the ingredients are listed under the product details in the official website
I never see any advertisements of So Natural! Are the products safe? Is the brand reliable?
Yes. So Natural does not advertise with viral marketing. Since the launch in 2008, our products were only available exclusively from our official Korean website. Nonetheless, our brand has grown exponentially over the past 10 years, with countless reviews and testimonies from our loyal customers that speaks for our reputation.
I’ve seen your products at offline retail shops in Korea! Isn’t So Natural an online-only brand?
That is correct. We began our offline sales at select locations in South Korea (lalavla 500 retail stores).
When are your exclusive sales events?
Our sales begin on Mother’s Day and Christmas. We also send promotional coupons to customers with online repurchases.