K-Beauty Brand SO’ Natural

We are a naturalistic South Korean beauty brand So Natural ! We are excited to introduce So Natural in America. So Natural products are mainly formulated with naturally derived ingredients with minimal additives to provide rich nourishment for healthy and natural looking skin.  We bring you our specially curated, latest beauty products including our best-selling item with over 2 million sold in South Korea, now available at retail shops in select major cities and our official online shop. 

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Skincare Philosophy
So Natural products are expertly crafted from natural resources, and we aim to deliver top quality products at the best possible prices. We do not distribute our products through wholesale to minimize the distribution costs to individual customers. This allows our products to maintain the unparalleled quality in comparison to other brands at similar price points. Our direct delivery system also ensures static prices for both offline and online retailers.  Our mission is to meet your expectations with the quality of our products. It is So Natural’s philosophy to earn our customers’ loyalties and trust by continuing to deliver results that satisfy.